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Saturday, January 24, 2009 -{'9:59 AM
Title : [ Dressing for sucess ]
After reading the 2 articles, I felt that companies should not judge their employee's by their physical appearance. Although I personally believes that physical appearance is very important in getting a job and maybe being successful in today's society. Normally, it is the first impression that counts, isn't it?

Everyday, people will judge us by the way we look and dress. Physical appearance plays an important part in how we are treated. Physical appearance usually includes: hair, facial, overall fitness, the way you hold yourself while walking, the way you talk,the way you shake someone's hand...etc. When you are going for an interview, of course you should dress up by wearing suits, trousers, tie, socks and shoes instead of T-shirt, shorts and slippers right??? Different occasions we should be dresses differently. It's just showing respect to others by the way you propose yourself.

But companies should not judge their employees whether they are ugly or not. Nobody is perfect in this world and how can beauty be judged??? Even if that person is really ugly, fat and short or whatever, he still deserve to be treated equally. Afterall, it's not his fault that he is ugly and he does not wish to be too. You can't possibly ask that person to go for plastic sugery, can you? I do believe that weight, height, race should not be the issue when looking for a job, but cleanliness and punctuality and attitude are.

I think the working ability of a person is more important than all the rest. Even if you are damn gorgeous, but you don't have the ability to work then you are nothing. If you are not really good looking, but have the right attitude and mindset towards learning and confident about yourself, then I think you will perform well at your work area. But somehow, those good looking ones will be given more chances by their employers even though they don't have the ability to. So it's quite unfair in a sense. That's just the way life is, it's NEVER fair.

I think that there ain't any laws against discrimination or physical appearance. But you just can't stop people from judging you base on your appearance, it's just the human's nature. Maybe some people can make the effort to change themselves so as to suit in the society? If you are ugly, you can put on some make up to cover up, go for facial treatment to have good complexsion skin. Worst come to worst, go for plastic surgery.( Although I don't recommend it, but if you really want then go ahead) If you are fat, try to cut down the amount of food you eat( I do not meant that you don't eat at all) and go for execise. Execise can help you to lose weight and keep fit or healthy at the same time. If you are short, I don't know what you can do except for wearing high heels but I don't think that will affect your working ability right? So it would not be a problem. The most important thing is to have good attitude because after sometimes, people will look into your personality too.

In conclusion, both inner and outer beauty are important. Have confidence in yourself because you are unique and one of a kind, there's definitely some thing in you that's good.(maybe you have already discovered it or maybe not)^.^

Monday, December 15, 2008 -{'10:03 AM
Title : [ Vacation Highlight ]
During 9th Dec to 12 Dec I went to Malaysia with my family.We spent the 1st day at Genting Theme Park which is fun and chilling. Then for the next two days, we stayed at Kuala Lumpur, the country's legislative capital. Do you know why Kuala Lumpur is called Kuala Lumpur?? Kuala Lumpur actually means muddy confluence of the two rivers,Klang and Gombak. Anyway,I learnt a lot of new things from this trip, mostly about the Muslims' culture because 60% of Malaysia is made up of Muslims, 25% Chinese,10% Hindus and left 5% is other races. But Overall,what interest me the most is the visit to the Batik factory.Batik is a kind of traditional fabric of Malaysia and Indonesia.

We took time to walk around the factory and few assistants there patiently explained to us about the process of making Batik. There are two different type of waxing/designing of the pattern on cloth. The wax is first heated in the Wajan until it is of the desired consistency,the artisan then dip her Canting into the wax to fill the bowl of Canting.The artisan use the Canting to trace the pencil outline on the fabric. This method is very time consuming and it's easy to make mistakes. The other is cap method, the Cap is dipped into the melted wax. The Cap acts like a stamp pad, it is pressed into the fabric until the entire cloth is covered.The Cap method is much faster thus more products can be produced in a much shorter time.It is usually done by men.

Then, the fabric is sent for dyeing. It is dipped into the dye bath. When the desired colour has been achieved and the fabric has dried, wax is reapplied over the areas that the artisan wishes to maintain the first dye colour or another colour at a later stage in the dying process.
An area that has been covered with wax previously needs to be exposed so that it can be dyed, the applied wax is scraped away with a small knife. The area is then sponged with hot water and re-sized with rice starch before it is re-immersed in the subsequent dye bath.

The number of colours in batik represents how many times it was immersed in the dye bath and how many times wax had to be applied and removed. A multicoloured batik represents a lot more work that a single or two-colour piece. Numerous dye processes are usually reflected in the price of the cloth of cause. Nowadays, chemical dyes have pretty much replaced traditional dyes, so colours are endless and much more liberally used.

Here are some pictures of the batik.

I actually bought 1 red batik handkerchief because the batik factory I went is quite different from others. The dye used there all comes from plants and they also showed us how to wear or use batik fabrics. The factory is still hiring workers to make batik instead of using machines to replace man. So each batik is unique and special in its own way.I think batik is one of the unique things in Malaysia. I also learnt that not all things can be replace by technology although technology is very advance now.Everyone should learn and carry forward and appreciate your own culture. Okay, I shall end my post with a short history of Batik.

Batiks origins can be traced back to Asia, India and Africa. Some say the word is of Malay roots and translates "to write" or "to dot".It is said to be an ancient art that has been handed down for thousands of years. Although the exact origins of batik are unknown, it is most common on the island of Java, Indonesia. It is known when the art of batik was first practiced in Java, batik belonged only to royalty and families of wealth and position. It was a hobby for the royal woman. Aristocrats and royalty had certain designs identifying a family, social status or geographical location on the island. Many of these designs have survived to this day. Today it is believed that certain patterns have special meanings and are thought to bring the wearer good luck, wealth, prosperity, health, etc. Currently, batik art has spread to India, China, Malaysia, Europe and Africa. It has become a skill and art of many great cultures. Today it is worn world wide by men and women, and can be seen almost anywhere.

Sunday, November 30, 2008 -{'4:33 PM
Title : [ Conceptions of Success ]
What does success mean to you?
I think success is achieving my aims or goals and being happy! Some people would be successful by making lots of money others are successful by helping the less fortunate. We can find success in our job, relationships or maybe even self value. Ultimately, I believe success is defined within a person.

One famous person whom I deem to be successful

Michael Phelps
Michael Fred Phelps, born on June 30,1985,is a American swimmer. He was raised in Baltimote,Maryland and grew up in the Rodgers Forge neighborhood. His father, Fred Phelps, worked for the Maryland State Police and his mother, Deborah Sue, is a middle school principal.The two divorced in 1994. Michael, whose nickname is "MP", has two older sisters, Whitney and Hilary.Both of them were swimmers as well. In his youth, Phelps was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD). He started swimming at age seven, partly because of the influence of his sisters and partly to provide him with an outlet for his energy. He excelled as a swimmer, and by the age of 10 held a national record for his age group. More age group records followed, and Phelps's rapid improvement culminated in his qualifying for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney at the age of 15.Between 2004 and 2008, Phelps attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, studying sports marketing and management. In May 2008, Phelps intends to return to Baltimore following the 2008 Olympics.

A few physical attributes particularly suit Phelps to swimming:
his arms span 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm)
height of 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm )
3.size 14 feet provide the effect of flippers

Why is he successful?
He has won 14 career Olympics gold medals,the most by any Olympian. As of 2008, he also holds seven world records in swimming.Phelps holds the record for the most gold medals won at a single Olympics with the eight golds he won at the 2008 Olympics Games. With this record, he surpassed Mark Spitz, who was also a swimmer and had held the previous gold medal total with the seven that he won at the 1972 Munich Olympics Games. Phelps has won a total of 48 career medals thus far.This includes all of the Championships in which he has competed:The Olympics, The World Championships and The Pan Pacific Championships.

How he has inspired you?
Michael Phelps was
diagnosed with ADHD. "Michael can’t sit still, Michael can’t be quiet, Michael can’t focus, " recalled Ms. Phelps(his mother) He often get bullied in school by other kids at school when he was young.At age 9, Michael was put on Ritalin, a stimulant used to treat hyperactivity. He seemed to be able to focus longer after that. I learnt from him that as long as we don't give up, ignore what others think about you and have confidants in yourself, you will be able to make it. Always set your target high, believe that nothing is impossible.

Success Poem
Success is not the triumph over regress,
Success is the power to suppress.
Success is not the money or the fame,
Success is, knowing you are still the same.
Success is not the power or the pride.
Success is the knowing how to hide.
Success is not a gift or gain,
Success is accepting and believing in your name.
Success is not a point or goal to seek,
Success is, believing you have never reached the peak.
Success is ____________(fill in your name=D)

How can this programme help me to get closer to your goals?
Joining this programme, I can learn more things outside the classroom which might be needed in the future. It will also enlarge my knowledge which would be slowly building up and would be a crucial step to achieve my goal^w^

Friday, November 21, 2008 -{'10:50 AM
Title : [ Scholarship & Service ]
I am really busy for the past few days because of the 2008 Chinese and Malay language symposium so I have no time to post.Sorry about it.

What is scholarship?
According to dictionary:"1. academic study or achievement learning of a high level. 2. a grant or payment made to support a student's education, awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement."

What does scholarship mean to you?
At first, I join this programme because my friend recommend it to me and I also want to learn new things beside academic that will help me in the future in some ways. Winning a scholarship means different things to different students. For me,
scholarship means recognition. It recognizes my talent and show others that I have the capability. I do not come from a very rich family so my parents always want me to study hard, get a scholarship and continue my education. As I am the only child in the family, my parents set high expectation on me. By obtaining a scholarship, I can make them proud of me:) So scholarship does mean a lot to me.

What responsibilities does a scholar have?
It's not easy to be a scholar, so a scholar must have some responsibilities. Firstly, a scholar must have good academic results and keep himself/herself open to new challenges. Scholar is also a role model that others will look up to so he/she should have the right moral value in them. Most importantly, a scholar must have a sense of responsibility in order for he/her to succeed. He/she is able to complete given tasks in time, make decisions wisely and bare the consequences if anything went wrong instead of pushing the blame on others.

What are some of the obstacles you think you will face?
Everyone will face obstacles on their path including scholars. We often fail in doing things and want to give up at times. In order to overcome failure, we need perseverance. We have to pick ourselves up at where we fall and keep trying. There will be miracles only if we don't give up.

Is scholar also a leader?
I think everyone can be a leader not only scholars. But people will look at scholars differently from others,they have higher expectation on scholars. So I think scholars are the leader in the leaders,they must have the power to let others to follow them. Scholars are the leaders in the future,they have to work hard in order to bring the country to a greater height.

Who and how do you intend to serve as a scholar?
Firstly, I hope I can serve the people around me like my family by achieving their expectation of me, friends by helping them when they are in need, school by putting in my best in my academic and CCA. Anyway, I hope I can reach out to everyone if I can:)

Friday, November 7, 2008 -{'1:18 PM
Title : [ My reflection on MBTI test ]
The test is quite accurate and true.After taking the test,I get to know myself better than before.I think it is important for us to know ourselves and the various personality traits that we have so that we can put them into good use.This test also helps me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and an awareness of what I truly value:)

ISTJs are easily frustrated by the inconsistencies of others, especially when the second parties don't keep their commitments. But they usually keep their feelings to themselves unless they are asked. And when asked, they don't mince words.
Omg! This is so true that I must admit that I get frustrated easily when people break their promises or trying to push the blame on me in front of others when I am totally innocent.And I like to keep my feelings to myself,I mentioned this in my previous post.But when others asked about it,I will tell only to my close friends or people that I can trust.

Introverts have good powers of concentration and prefer to focus on one thing at a time.I don't really think I have good powers of concentration because I get distracted very easily.So that's the reason why I normally study and do my homework at home alone instead of forming study groups with my friends to study together.Yes,I prefer to focus on one thing at a time.It gets very confusing when I have to work on many things at one go.For example,my friends like to listen mp3 while doing homework but I don't.If I do that,at the end of the day,I will either complete my homework and not knowing what I was listening to for the past hours or I will finish listening to all the songs but my homework will be left undone.So you see...

Sensors like step-by-step instructions and focus on details and specifics.I like to do things in order so I prefer step-by-step instructions.I don't mind to figure things out,it can be fun sometimes but I will often get stuck in the process because I am not sure if I am on the right track or not.(It seems like it's a bad thing)

Thinkers often appear cool and reserved,value honesty and fairness and are motivated by achievement.A friend of mine that told me that her first impression of me was that I am very cold and unfriendly.But when people get to know me,the real me, you will realise that I am very friendly and outgoing.(at least I think I am;D)And I really value honesty and fairness maybe because my horoscope is Libra too:)I can't tolerate people to lie to me,(if you did,please don't let me know)not even white lies.haha:D And everyone should be treated equally though I'm bias over certain people or things at times(: I'm quite a realist person,so I will be motivated by achievement instead of appreciation.Achievement gives me a kind of satisfication and drive me to work harder next time.

Judgers often make decisions pretty easily,work first,play later and want things decided.I find it really hard to make decisions,I don't know why.For example,my friends and I often can't decide what to eat for lunch.We might spent at least half an hour to decide on that,sometimes we have to use scissors,paper,stone to help us.haha=DI will only feel comfortable to play when I finished all my work.So the first thing I do when I reach home is to do homework unless I have the whole weekend to do it.I want things decided though I can't make decisions easily.haha=DI mean in group work,I want to decide who is doing certain things and when should we complete certain stuffs as early as possible so that each of us in the group will know what he/she is suppose to do. I don't like to keep on dragging and push all things to last minute.

Well,I get to know KeKe better,do you???

Thursday, October 30, 2008 -{'2:16 PM
Title : [ MBTI test result ]

Your personality type is ISTJ.
Introverted (I) 54% Extraverted (E) 46%
Sensing (S) 50% Intuitive (N) 50%
Thinking (T) 55% Feeling (F) 45%
Judging (J) 77% Perceiving (P) 23%


ISTJs generally have the following traits:
* Value tradition, security, and peaceful living
* Will work long and hard to fulfill duties
* Can be depended on to follow through on tasks
* Loyal and faithful
* Stable, practical and down-to-earth
* Family-minded
* Dislike doing things which don't make sense to them
* Dislike abstract theory, unless they see the practical application
* Natural leaders
* Prefer to work alone, but work well in teams when necessary
* Extremely observant, they take in facts via their senses and store them internally
* Vast, rich inner store of facts which they rely on to understand problems which they encounter in their lives
* Profound respect for facts and concrete information
* Make decisions objectively, applying logic and rational thinking
* Dislike change, unless they are shown it's benefit in a concrete way
* Have strong opinions about the way things should be done
* Appreciate structured, orderly environments
* Have very high standards for their own behavior and the behavior of others
* Not naturally in-tune with other people's feelings
* Able to accomplish almost anything if they put their minds to it
* Community minded "good citizens"

ISTJs have one character trait which puts them at a definite advantage in terms of career success - Perserverance. An ISTJ can do almost anything that they have decided to do. However, there are areas in which they will function more happily and naturally. An ISTJ will do best in a career in which they can use their excellent organizational skills and their powers of concentration to create order and structure. ISTJs seem to fit extremely well into the Management and Executive layer of the corporate business world.

Possible Career Paths for the ISTJ:
* Business Executives, Administrators and Managers
* Accountants and Financial Officers
* Police and Detectives
* Judges
* Lawyers
* Medical Doctors / Dentists
* Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, and Computer Specialists
* Military Leaders

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 -{'10:12 AM
Title : [ Who Am I??? ]
Well,basically, I am who I am(:haha.I know that sounds a little bit lame=.=

OK,I am keke from class 206'08.My CCA is Guzheng and I am taking my grade 3 Guzheng examination this coming December.I hope I can get a merit for that or maybe even better??Seriously, I don't really like my CCA but I am not sure why I chose it in the first place but since I am in it then I will do my best:)

Motivations and Personality

I get most of my motivations from my parents,teachers and friends.I will try my best at whatever things I am doing and make my parents proud.Very simple gestures like a smile or a pet on my shoulder from others when I am feeling low can actually motivates me.Talking about personality,I am quite emotional inside but I don't like to show it in front of others.For example,I will never cry in front of everybody no matter how sad or touching certain things are.But when I am alone,I can cry my lungs out over very small things.I consider myself as a friendly and easy going person,You will get to know it if you get to know me well.I like to make new friends from different age groups and races. I love to go out with my girlfriends to have fun and gossip around.haha:DI think that's what girls do when they are together,isn't it??? Oh,yes.I also like to take up new things that I have never tried before.But I will only put in 100% effort,energy and time if that thing interest me(:

Strengths & Weaknesses

Academically,I am quite strong in all my 10 subjects as I got As for all of them

except English and D&T for this year.Personally,I prefer Maths and Science

over the other subjects as this two subjects really interest me and I love

doing them although I don't plan to be a mathematician or scientist in the

future.(: Currently my ambition is to be a doctor!(Don't be surprised)I love to

help people when the are in need.I think doctors are great,they help people

to reduce their pain physically and sometimes emotionally by motivating them

to carry on with their lives. Erm...other than this,I also have good time

management skill.I think it's very important for all of us to manage our time

probably so that we can complete our tasks on time.I don't like to do last

minute work so I normally will hang in my school work at least 3-4days

before the deadline.Despite this,I often turn up late for meetings and outings

which I am also not very sure why.Maybe it's because I took a long time to

pack my stuffs and get ready.My mum really can't stand it when she has to

wait for me to get ready when going out with her.haha;D And I am also quite

sensitive,I take things seriously into my heart at times.When you make a

negative comment on me,it will keep on repeating itself over my head and it

bothers me the whole day though I don't really show it on my face.But

certain negative comments can also set as a kind of motivation in me and

drive me to work harder or to move on.

Likes & dislikes

I like music, pop music of course.(: I like both Chinese and English music.My

favourite idol is Jay Chou.I think he is cool and also talented in singing,playing

piano and acting.Whenever I am feeling low or high, I will listen to music.I

wonder how will I survive without music for a day haha;D(This seems a little

exaggerated)I also like to eat! I like all kinds of food especially ice cream of all

favours.^^I also like to laugh.Once I start laughing,I can't stop it.Lastly,I like

hello kitty and winnie the pooh!They are simply adorable and cute^^I dislike

sports cause I am not born to be sporty.haha:D But I still do exercise like jogging

and playing badminton with friends once a while to keep fit and healthy.I dislike

people to nag at me and make me do things that are against my wish.

Interesting things about me

Okay, I think that's all.So know you know me???then love me for who I am:))

Welcome to KeKe's blog(:



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